Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Final Entry...

A late entry into the HALSEWOOD film festival by Apple 5/6 Productions


Congratulations to Seung, William, Andrew and Hersh for taking out the 2018 HALSEYWOOD Best Picture award with 'TAEKWON DON'T' at this years film festival. Here are our films for this year, enjoy!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Year 5 & 6 Fun Day 2018

After all the hard work done in Term 3, we treated ourselves to a fun day which was a lot of.....FUN!!!

Monday, 26 November 2018

A bit of old and a bit of new...

Have a look at what we're interested in now!

Book Parade

It was great to see all the amazing book characters walking around the school! Thanks for putting in the effort everyone!!

Halsey Times

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In their shoes...

Having looked at and discussed the tragic fires sweeping over California, we wondered how we would feel if we were in a natural disaster. Using the following painting, we chose a character and wrote a present tense excerpt from their perspective. Here are some examples from Sean and Tvisha.
Tornado Valley
As I feel the wind getting stronger by the second I suddenly see a big tornado forming in our farm, so I act fast and I warn the others but they have already seen it. I grab my black cat  and my brother gets the puppies. The dog follows my dad to the bunker and my dad says, “hurry up! go go gooo!” The baby cries and cries as I see the chickens get sucked in by the vicious tornado. It is only a second until it arrives so we get down and Dad locks it up. We can hear it getting closer and closer and we can also hear the houses getting blown away into shards of stone and wood.The wind is banging on the door trying to open it up.

The next day as everyone is asleep I sit and wait. As dad is about to open the door I have to do something. I wake the others and we say “noooooooooo!!” “Stop! Dad!” But it’s too late. He opens it and we go up. We see nothing except all of the broken pieces from our barn and houses.

By Sean
Tornado Alley
Lights start to flicker, and appliances start to rumble. My husband, children, pets and I all stand silent, ready to experience this known horror again. We all knew what is coming, but we wait for those familiar screams of distress. Then it begins. Our house shakes with the force of the wind, sending us flying across the room. With ‘the baby’ in my arms, our three  other children yell in despair as I try to help my husband open the latch to our hideout. Time is running out and we wait, and wait, till we hear the recognisable click of the lock.

“Yes!” Our children yell with tears of both desperation and happiness. Now that our bunker is clear, we gather all of our pets, children and special devices that keep us in contact of one and other. A single tear runs down my cheek, but I turn away, keeping the fear inside of me. My husband’s great-great grandfather had this hideout built like a house, just underground. We hide for hours, although we have a radio that keeps us informed of all dangers. I glance over at my husband, who is looking at me with pain, sadness and stress wondering if this nightmare is ever going to end.

By Tvisha