Monday, 24 September 2018

Creation through Māori eyes

We collaborated on this piece of art during Te Wiki o te reo Māori depicting the Māori gods Papatuanuku and Ranginui being forced 
apart by their children.

What are you interested in?

Last week we changed our reading programme and reading groups to interest groups. We found that a lot of us had similar interests and worked hard to research and find out more about the things we were interested in.

Greek Mythology - Kiki, Moon Hee, Anchal, Zaara
Things That Were Influenced By The Greeks:
The Theater:

The theater comes from the the greek word, theatron. Meaning the outdoor seatings for watching plays. The first theater was made in the Athens, and like many greek theaters, it is a semi circle cut into the hillside. It can hold up to 10,000 to 20,000 people at once. The normal Greek theater consists of three parts. The Dancing Floor, dressing room and the scene-building area. The Greeks loved the theater, creating their own companies to compete with neighboring towns.
The Library:

The first library in the world was created in Egypt, but at that time, Egypt was ruled by Alexander the Great, also known as the ruler of the Greeks. Alexander the Great ruled a part on Greece called, Macedon. He was born in Pella (a city in Greece), 356 BC. He took over the throne at the age of twenty, his father was Philip 11. After Alexander died, the Kingdom of Egypt came under the rule of Alexander’s general, Ptolemy. Ptolemy ordered that all the 700,000 scrolls of work were to be placed in the library. He also commanded that all ships passing the Alexandrian harbor had to pass any scrolls or works of science and philosophy to the Greeks. It was then copied and placed in the library as well. The original copy would be returned. Because of the accumulation of knowledge that was stored inside the library, many discoveries had been found in there.
The Alphabet:

The Greek alphabet was the first alphabet in the western part on of the world. It was developed after the Dark Ages and consisted of 24 letters from alpha to omega (a way of saying beginning to the end or first to last). Even the word, “alphabet” was formed with the two first letters of the greek alphabet. Alpha and beta, the lowercase and uppercase letters were created later on.

The Olympics:

If you didn’t know, the olympics were influenced by the Greeks  and was set `in the city Olympia. The people who were in the olympics were the city states of Ancient Greece. The olympics were every four years in the honour of the greek god, Zeus. The rewards for winning were fame and glory. From today we still celebrate the olympics worldwide. Greece also held other games like the Pythian games which was held because of Apollo and there is also the Isthmian games which was held in the honour of Poseidon.

11 Greek Influences and Contributions to Today's Society

Are Aliens real?? By Siya, Naysha and Eliza

Friday, 21 September 2018

125yrs of Woman's Suffrage

This week marks the anniversary of 125years of woman's suffrage here in NZ.  We are proud to have so many amazing wahine both young and old, past and present in this country of ours.  Here are a few put together by Kiki and Moon Hee.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Myths

As part of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Room 6 has been discussing Māori mythology and decided to create our own collaborative myths. Here are a couple of examples.

The Origin of Dreams
By: Maddie, Meera ,Moksha and Naysha

Legend has it, there was once a restless and bored little girl, Waimarie, who always had nothing to do in her village apart from chores as her family was quite poor. As she did her chores, she always wanted to make one wish come true. She thought of her wish constantly and the legend of the wishing well which she believed in wholeheartedly. One day as she was sweeping the crisp leaves on the ground she saw something glistening on a dry tree branch. She was so curious to find out what it was that when night approached, she snuck out of her village and climbed the tree. There she saw a  bunch of golden medallions that were placed in between two emaciated twigs. Climbing down with the medallions firmly in her grasp, she turned in every direction and made sure that no one was watching. She tiptoed back to her village and hid the coins under a stack of straw and from that day onwards without a night of rest, she would always travel up the steep hill to the ancient wishing well and would toss one of the medallions into the well hoping her wish would come true. She only wished for her boredom to disappear.

One day the villagers had discovered that Waimarie would leave every night to go to the wishing well. She never thought about how much of a comotion tossing medallions into the well would cause. But she carried on and acted normal. All she was intending to do, was  make her wish come true.

A few nights later, she grew more desperate.  She prayed so much that eventually the God of Dreams appeared.  All Waimarie did was stare. She had golden hair that blew in the night breeze and a bright yellow dress that was covered in angelic images.  “Who are you?” Waimarie asked in total confusion. “I am Moe Atua, the Dream God of Aotearoa, I see you are in need my child” she said with a voice as delicate as the morning mist.  Waimarie spoke shyly, “What do you mean?” “I’ve heard your prayers day and night and I will grant you the ability to dream. This will bring life to your deepest imagination. In return for this gift, you will need to help others believe that dreams are real.  But beware, there are two sides to this gift.” Waimarie agreed and set out on her mission…

Waimarie knew what she had to do, she would no longer be the only person to believe in dreams. As promised, she started to spread the truth that our imaginations could come to life in the form of dreams. Nobody believed her, people thought that she was just fooling around. After trying continuously without any success she sat near the same well and started crying.  Suddenly Moe Atua appeared and saw how hard Waimarie was trying and how upset she was. Waimarie was astonished! She screamed out, “the God of Dreams is here, come quick!” The villagers thought that she was lying and thought that there was no such thing as the God of Dreams. When Moe Atua saw that no one was coming outside she handed dream jars to the Waimarie. She told her to put them outside the huts of all the villagers.  The next morning a miracle happened, everyone in the village was talking about last night. They had a dream! After that they all went to the Waimarie’s house and apologised for what they had said about the Dream God.

Now, because of Waimarie’s courage and belief, everyone can dream sweet dreams. Remember, never give up on the things you believe in no matter how hard things may seem.  
The End!

The Birth of Kuri
By Kiki, Siya and Tvisha
A long, long time ago, Ranginui and Papatuanuku, the God of the skies and the Goddess of the land found themselves with nothing but boredom to fill their days. The forests that their child Tane created were too quiet and they needed company. Of course they were deeply in love with each other but at times they felt their love was not enough to deflect the boredom that had begun to set in. Combining their powers they began to create and mould the first ever animal to walk the earth. Kuri - A dog.

This small furry creature had round ears, a long snout and a short coat. When ‘it’ barked, the gods were surprised that their plan had worked. They looked at Kuri admirably and whispered into each other’s ears.  “I think this little guy is lonely. We can’t play with him unless we’re in our physical form but using it drains our power” Ranginui remarked. “We should create another creature for companionship.” Slowly Papatuanuku raised her hands and a green aura surrounded her. She pointed a finger at the soil and the glowing aura transferred from her hand into the ground.

A snout appeared out of the ground and soon enough a whole dog  covered in dirt and mud rose and breathed its first breath. The female dog made her way over to the other and sniffed his butt as a form of greeting. “We need names for these furry creatures,” said Papatuanuku, who was obviously adoring the furriness and cuteness of the two kuri.  “I know! We should call this female dog, Airini which means peace and the ‘male’ dog, Irirangi which means ‘the spirit voice’.” The two newly named dogs wrestled each other and playfully growled…

Years later Airini and Irirangi had children which formed their first tribe. Irirangi was the chief and Airini was in charge of the nursery. They lived happily with more than enough food as Tane had created birds and other small creatures. The gods were happy to protect them from all danger and unexpected ‘incidents’ but there was one puppy was not happy. This one was Ihu, the oldest pup. He wanted to live on his own, to hunt for himself and be independent. He wanted to be free from the grasps of his mum and dad. So a day later he scratched the trees and the dirt as a sign that he was leaving on his own.

Two other dogs came with him and set they off on a journey to find a new place to live. They crossed their parents territory and soon felt the fresh mountain air. However, they were no longer safe! They shouldn’t have been excited about that but it was so exhilarating to be in the wild. Meanwhile back in the makeshift den, Irirangi was furious when he discovered the scratch marks and pawprints. He did not think that his child would go off on his own with no protection. But he did not stop Ihu because he knew that his passion was to deep. Since their departure, Irirangi banished Ihu and any others that followed him to hell. As time passed they eventually learnt to live together in harmony but all of that was forgotten when that dreadful day came.

Ihu proudly walked back into his old home and ignored the whispers that were carried across from dog to dog. He stopped just outside his father’s den and waited patiently. His father knew he was here. Waiting. Irirangi stepped outside looking calm and strong. “Why are you here Ihu? You are banished, you know that. If you do not step outside the boundaries this moment I will unleash my warriors on you,” Irirangi said. When Ihu didn’t move he added. “By the time I count to 3 if you are still inside our territory, my warriors will strike.” “1… 2… thr-” Ihu interrupted by saying, “Excuse me!! I only left because of YOU!!  I don’t want to be like you! I want to be different! You kept treating me like a baby and I was sick of it. Never mind, have it your way!…. let the FOREST war begin!”.

Warriors began to charge into the territory and havoc broke out. Blood was lost and fur was ripped off. Claws were dug into innocent bystanders and howls were arising from painstriken dogs. Meanwhile the two chiefs were arguing about how to be parents. “ You’re supposed to do it like this!”
“No, like this!”
“Shut your big snout up!”
“No shut yours!”
“Don’t speak to your father like that”
“Well, don’t speak to your son like that”
“Respect your elders”
“Oh, so your old”
“No, I’m just as young as you, if not younger”
“No you aren’t”
“Yes I am” Irirangi retorted
“No” Ihu replied
“Yes” After another 3 hours, they were fast asleep, still fighting in their dreams. While the war raged on, trees were ripped away from the soggy ground while their leaves were shredded. The magical forest that Tane created was being torn apart!

In the starry night sky, the gods were looking down at the ground where hundreds of bodies lay lifeless. “We need to do something about this, this war has gone too far and too many of our precious kuri have been killed,” Ranginui said with a deep sorrow in his voice. “Not to mention all the trees I created for this forest to be born” Tane muttered. “Such a waste...”  After days and days of decisions and arguments, they soon came up with a solution. They would change the colours, size and fur of the dogs so different breeds of dogs would be born. The dogs would be satisfied and the war would have no reason to go on. The next day while the dogs were still going at it, the sky darkened and the dogs stopped right in their tracks. Heavy rain poured down their snout and a loud voice echoed throughout the forest. “Dogs of the forest, you want to be different from each other, then so be it.” With a blinding flash dogs changed colours, size and fur. They were finally different from each other! Finally satisfied,  the dogs moved out of the war zone, to carry on with their individual lives.

BOOM! BOOM! Thundering footsteps silenced the great barren land that once was a magical forest. A human (A hairless creature that destroys everything in its path) stared at the dogs and with howls and yaps, the dogs scattered. Unfortunately, Ihu was caught and taken away to be tortured as a pet. BEWARE: Dogs are not what they seem, they will one day take over the world to get revenge!

Message : Fighting never solves anything