Thursday, 2 August 2018

Show me the $$...

As we are looking at money matters this term, here is a brief rundown of the NZ currency (notes only).

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Epetoma o te reo Māori Kūki ’Āirani

Kia orāna! In Room 6 know how important it is to celebrate the many different cultures here in Aotearoa and this week is a celebration of the Cook Island people, language and culture. 


As part of maths last week we looked into how much different things cost. Here is an example of the cost of a boys and girls outfit by Brian and Naysha as well as some Teriyaki Sushi from Anchal.

How much does it cost to come to school?

Do you know how much you are costing your parents?
Plan: Senior Girl
Uniform/Shoes: Halsey Drive School Website/ New Balance etc: Summer wear
T-shirt: $36.00, Skirt: $65.00
Jacket: $67.50
Hat: $14.50
Food: Countdown
Ham sandwich= Ham: $16/kg, cucumber: $4., mayo 285ml: $4
Oreos peanut butter & choc creme: $1
Apple: $3.79 pkg, Yogurt: $3.80
Shoes: $20, Socks: $4.50
Stationary: Warehouse/ Kmart/ OfficeMax
Pencil Case:  $15.00, Pencils pack of 12: $12.17, Coloured pencil: $4.34, Rubber:$0.86, Highlighter: $2.60, Calculator: $12.17, Books: Maths $1.56. Refill $2.60. Spelling & Homework $1.12. Reading/Writing $1.03. Mighty Pad $3.47. Inquiry $2.00, Backpacks: $59.95, Pens: Blue pen pack of 10 $7.38. Red pen pack of 10 $7.38, Ruler: $1.30, Sticky notes pack of 5: $16.51, Sharpener: $1.73, Scissors: $2.86, Vivid: $3.90, Glue Stick: $3.90
HP Chromebook: PB tech: HP Chromebook 11 G5 11.6" for $366
Chromebook case: $6.29
Lunchbox/ Water Bottle: Warehouse/ Kmart
Bottle : $7.00 Lunchbox: $5.00
Links to websites
Breakdown of costs:
Shoes/socks: $24.50
Image result for black sports shoes and socks girls
Lunch: $32.59
Image result for ham sandwich
Uniform: $183
Image result for halsey drive logo
Lunchbox/water bottle: $12
Image result for water bottle kmart copperImage result for sistema bento box pink

Stationary: $155.58
Image result for officemax bic  red and blue pensImage result for staedtler pencilImage result for smiggle hits backpack unicornImage result for officemax clear rulerImage result for officemax booksImage result for officemax pack of post itImage result for officemax scissorsImage result for officemax sharpenerImage result for officemax pack of coloured pencilsImage result for officemax eraserImage result for officemax glue sticksImage result for officemax calculatorImage result for officemax black permanent marker
HP Chromebook/case:
Image result for HP ChromebookImage result for colorful foam chromebook case
Total cost:

Conclusion: Overall, the amount of money parents spend just for girls like us is astounding. This is going to change the way we think about school. Just buying a BYOD device cost is far more than anything else. Remember, this is just an approximate cost to get you ready to come to school not all the extra costs throughout the school year! DO you think all of this is worth it?  Make sure you don’t take your parents for granted.
Kiki & Moon Hee

Monday, 30 July 2018

Halsey Times

This term we are proud to present the first instalment of the Halsey Times. We have enlisted a professional group of reporters who will give you the run down of what's been going in and around our school. Keep a lookout for the next issue coming to you in the not so distant future.

*Click on Halsey Times for full articles

Eshan's cartoon strip for the Halsey Times

First week back

How did you feel coming back to school for Term3?...

The First Day Of Term 3
Waking up in the morning is always the most difficult task of a school morning, especially after a 2 week holiday.  I felt less sleepy and stretched my mouth to let out a giant sigh.  I instantly woke up and checked the time, not wanting to go back to sleep again.  “What! 7:30!” I said in astonishment “I only have half an hour to get ready!…" I rushed to the bathroom with my uniform in my hand.  After the drama of my sister not wanting to go to school and having warm milk instead of cold, we finally pulled into the school 2 minute drop of zone.  Sleepily but awake (at least half awake), I started to make my way down the path, approaching the classroom. Walking towards class, I saw a swarm of my friends rushing up to me, admiring my haircut.  It was around 8:40 when I made it to class, and as soon as I took a seat on the usual black chairs ready to start the day, I asked myself a question, “Did I really make it on time?"  This question made me think.   Knowing that I arrived on time was like a balloon popping in my head!

Kelly Tarltons: D.A.D.W.A.V.E.R.S By Kiki
The time was here, I had finally arrived at Moon Hee´s house to go to Kelly Tarltons and was ready to see and gasp at penguins and the many other marine animals. Sitting in my cousin´s car, we pulled down the seatbelt and secured them in the buckle. “Oh my gosh! I´m so excited for Kelly Tarltons, what are you looking forward to?” I asked. The car entered the parking lot and stopped, we both got in the car and waited patiently for my cousin. We then scurried out of the car as soon as my cousin told us that she had to call my uncle. Once she ended the call and got out of the car, we made our made way towards the entrance of Kelly Tarltons. A couple of minutes later, we were standing in front of a camera taking a photo. After that, we headed off to the penguin enclosure to look at them swim and waddle along the ice. Soon enough, it was already time to go but I didn't want to leave. I wondered, ‘When is the next time I might come back?’
Light Blue-Verb
Dark Blue-Estimation of Time
Purple-Rhetorical Question

This Morning
Finally after two weeks of sleeping in, I woke up bright and early, I could see the pitch black sky from my bedroom window. As I lay in my bed it felt as if I was sleeping on a delicate cloud made of pure cotton. I lay down looking at my pale white bedroom ceiling, wondering how the first day of Term 3 would start “Would it be astonishing or even monotonous as it was every other day?” As I clumsily tried to get out of my snuggly bed, “Bang!” I fell out and for a minute I didn't know what was going on or what the time was, but I surely knew that if I didn't get back up I would be late.
After that unpleasant occurrence happened I flicked every single light switch on and before you knew it, my house was lit up with lights. I walked over to my mum and dad’s bedroom, and shouted, “It’s time to wake up, it’s 7:30!”. I said 7:30 because if I had said 7:00, which was the actual time, my parents wouldn't wake up, instead they would sleep another hour or more.
Living quite far from Lynfield, I got into the car and after some time, I tiredly walked to Room 6, begging for more sleep. As I was walking through school I kept asking myself, “would Term 3 really be a good term?” 10 minutes later the bell rang. “How long is it till Friday?” I wondered. It felt as if I were going to the moon, and it already had a rocky start.
By Naysha