Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Weather Update

More updates on Gita as reported by KIKI
Cyclone Gita

Tropical cyclone Gita has appeared in Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand. Her unforgivable rage has caused torrential rain, wind, floods and destruction. These paragraphs will tell you more about  Cyclone Gita.

Gita has showered New Zealand with more than 300mm of rain. There was some rain in the Buller region but not enough for warning.

Merciless winds from the north and northwest started blowing in Wellington on Tuesday. There were wind gusts above 130 km/h. There were strong winds in Banks Peninsula and along bottom of the North island.

Power poles were sent crashing to the ground and almost 100 homes lost electricity in Wellington. The motorways have been blocked off at State Highway 1.Image result for state highway 1Image result for state highway 1
Cyclone Gita has caused flights from Wellington in and out to be delayed leaving some passengers stranded. Many homes have been destroyed causing the many people that live in those homes, homeless

Image result for cyclone gita destruction

The reason people die from natural disasters is because we don’t pay attention to warnings when we are supposed to. So my advice is take whatever you can and leave when you hear a warning, otherwise you’ll pay the price.

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  1. Super writing, Room 6 - I especially liked the words "merciless" and "torrential".