Friday, 9 March 2018


Can you relate to any of these emotions?
My good friend excited, he’s always so hypo.  Him and his cousin Joyful never frown, but instead they both smile, with the happiness in their eyes. They love to read books and share pleasant sayings.  He comes from a family of never getting angry. When I hang out with him he always puts me in an unforgettable mood. He is one of the friends I hope to never lose.  Whenever I see him an amazing smile is put on my face, not once have I got angry at him or his family.

One of the things I love is that he is never cantankerous, but his step brother  Tedious, well he’s so annoying! I’ve only met him once and I had wear ear plugs the whole time. He always tries to make Excited cry but all Excited does is stay in a sweet mood. Tedious is a dreadful person.
By Brian
Joyful, the one and only best friend you could ever have. This girl is extremely admirable because of her many fascinating traits like the fact that she can make anyone smile just like that. She has bright, radiant yellow hair with tidbits of golden glitter. Joyful is always bouncing around with a large, delightful, cheery smile which will always lighten up your day no matter how depressed you’re feeling. She has many other relatives such as Mad, Sadness, Lazy, Cantankerous and Anger that all envy her incredible qualities. Like her name, Joyful is full of joy and is always willing to do anything to to help out her peers.
Joyful can sometimes be a bit too over the top and we always wonder where she gets her bundles of energy from?? The question is however, will her joyful charm ever run out?
By Tvisha

My Pencil is stuck inside my hand, refusing to write. Coldness fills my body leaving me alone and confused. I know what I did was wrong but it’s too late now. What have I become?... Shame.
Eshaan and Siya
Guilt, the feeling of shame and not knowing.  Sadness flowing through your face as you sit there.  Confused.
Tvisha and Danyon

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