Thursday, 22 March 2018

My Fantasy Classroom

How would you like to learn in a fantasy classroom? All the renovations going on around the school got us thinking about what our fantasy classrooms could look like. Here are a few thoughts from Zaara, kiki and Meera.

My Fantasy Classroom By Zaara

Dreaming in class was my favourite past time but what I dreamt that day changed everything. It was my dream classroom!! The pastel walls and the gold decor with a swinging chair that surrounded the room was breathtaking. Next, my eyes fell on the adorable puppies in the corner licking each other. Chilling in the frothy and colourful, scented spa next to the science lab were my best friends. Some of them were watching 'The Greatest Showman' in the underground tunnels. I saw glass stairs with a red carpet and a chandelier leading up to the luxurious beds, my fellow classmates were sleeping in the five star bedrooms before class. I also saw one of the boys in class stuffing his mouth with hot dogs from the free cafe next to the bedrooms.
Unwinding in the library was our Harry Potter loving teacher Ms Simpson. “It’s Harry Potter theme day!” she exclaimed. “Check this out" called the girl beside me as she took me to the top of the double story classroom and onto the coolest flying fox ever. “Yaaaaay!!" we  yelled. 'What more could there be?' I wondered. “Do you want some cookies, they are fresh from the oven” asked my friend. I glanced around and saw an amazing kitchen. Finally to top it all off was a glossy, perfectly shaped unicorn horn!!!!! “Earthquake, earthquake!” I screamed. “Wake up" I heard Ms Simpson voice. I was dreaming…

Guide for the best classroom!!! By Kiki

OMG! Have you ever had to live in a boring room with plain pink walls and ordinary shelves? Well, fear not because the ultimate ‘Guide for dummies in classroom making’ is here!! So throw away those boring instruction books. Blergh!! Don’t worry, all you need to do is plan, get permission, buy supplies and organise grand opening. So what are you standing there for? Time is ticking you know! And when you finally finish, you won’t be able to recognise it. You’ll knock your own socks off!

Plan plan PLAN!!!
Step 1 (Yes this is all the boring stuff)
What do you want in your dream classroom? Perhaps a spa and an all you can eat buffet etc. (MMM BUFFET!)
Step 2
Now you need to plan all of those nicknacks that your gonna plonk down in your boring pink tin shed. (It’s not actually a tin shed, just in case) Where are you going to put your furniture and stuff? Hang on! You can’t do that! If you just put your mum’s 80’s checkered couches in there she going to kill you!!! Time to do some research. Find out what kind of furniture really attracts the eye. Then you’re ready to place your absolutely, fabulous furniture.
Step 3 (Not even close to finishing)
THEME! You can’t have random furniture lying around gathering dust. You could use a theme like underwater for example. Something bright and vibrant is always eye catching! Maybe a theme about rainbows would bring out those vibrant colours.
Step 4
Think about the layout of the room. You have to think of the dimensions of the room. How wide is it? How tall is it? Are you going to have an angled roof or is it going to be flat?
Step 5 (I hope you’re NOT asleep)
Wakey wakey! Now you should organise bulky builders to build your dream classroom. What exactly happens when you build something? Well that’s what your guide is here for! Different building companies would give different prices to build your property. For example you might get an offer from a building company that gives a lower price but another gives you a price that is higher but would be able to finish the build quicker. So get ringing because those builders are waiting for you!
Step 6 (Nearly there)

GRAND OPENING!!! I love those words, they’re so exciting when you go to them! Think about the party that you’re going to throw for the big opening!!!

We all need a FANTASY CLASSROOM By Meera

Do you realise, how boring the classrooms are, kids die of boredom!!  I guess you’ve forgotten what it’s like in the classrooms Mrs Ritchie.  Well, i’m going to tell you right now, the children aren’t loving it. This is why i’m going to introduce you to a fantasy classroom.  Think about it.

All of us youngsters would be more enthusiastic towards learning and coming to school, we would be excited because we could have a pet pig (looking after this pet would teach us to be responsible), a dance studio or even a kitchen!  Our minds are important as well and this classroom will encourage us kids to be creative.

As you may know, the building process can be pretty long but don’t worry we can always get through it and yes, I know what your thinking, it is going to be expensive, and I agree, no doubt. But imagine this, when the classroom is a fantasy classroom it would make more money and more kids will attend this school.  If this fantasy classroom does happen the the kids will have to stay focused or they’ll have to move to a different classroom.

So Mrs Ritche, what do you think?  The fantasy classroom would be a great help for this school and it wouldn’t just be the kids who would enjoy the classroom, but Mr Tomokino too!
Hope you agree.

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  1. Awesome writing, everyone! I love the idea of a dance studio. Very creative. I was impressed that you were all able to chose a writing text type and use all the appropriate features of that text type - fabulous authors!