Thursday, 12 April 2018

Wild Winds

How were you affected by the wild winds and crazy storm? Here are some headlines based on how students in Room 6 were affected.

‘Uncontrollable winter winds  blow over Auckland’ ZamZam Chronicles

‘Trees down, power out, what's next?’ 

Z.A.M Times    Zaara, Anchal, Moon Hee

Shredded windows, smashed carsThree daily
‘Winds demolish buildings and construction sites’ Three daily Seung
‘Broken fences, Unsafe roads, Will there be more ?’ Halsey Times
‘Storm leaves a trail of destruction?’ Halsey Times
Siya, Moksha, Yohanna, Zahra
‘Punga trees run rampant’Three boys weekly
‘Rapid winds destroy everything in its path’
Three boys weekly    Bryan, Danyon and Jaiveer

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