Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Off to the movies...

Seen any good movies lately? Not sure what to watch?  Well you're in luck, here's some movie reviews from Room 6 to help you decide which ones you'd like to see.

Movie Review - Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit uses his mischievous ways to sneak his new movie onto the big screen with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail. This film is a huge audience pleaser.   
James Corden features as Peter Rabbit with an all star crew of  actors. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in Star Wars, lends her voice to the character of Cotton Tail while the other 2 triplets are played by Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Debicki, with Collin Moody as their cousin Benjamin bunny.  Sia, the well known top selling singer, is not to be missed as the voice of Mrs Tiggy Winkle.
In the English countryside, Peter Rabbit and his siblings are angry when a newcomer arrives at the McGregor house on a party night.  Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail scram, while Peter meets his new enemy.
We really enjoyed the humor James Corden brings to this fim.  Also, the special effects and graphics used were impeccably realistic and brought the characters to life.
Peter’s imagination takes him to some places where he would rather not be.  This entertaining, action packed film is a must see!!. The writers of the amazing script for Peter Rabbit are Will Gluck and Rob Lieber. If your planning to go to the movies, Peter Rabbit would be a good pick as it is a humorous, adventurous and a loveable tale.
We give this a rating of 4.5 stars because of the amazing graphics,some special effects and stunning  storyline and script.

By Bryan and Danyon

Whale Rider

If you found Boy or Hunt For The Wilder People fascinating and intriguing then be sure to give Whale Rider your full attention.This movie is based on the novel by Witi Ihimaera, Whale Rider a must see film directed by Niki Caro shows the cultural customs of a Maori tribe in NZ. We see a cultural custom where only males are allowed to move up and become a chief, however, this tradition is ruined when the next child picked to be the new chief dies at birth, but his twin sister Paikea (Keisha Castle-Hughes) survives. She gets help from her grandmother (Vicky Haughton) and her uncle Rawiri (Grant Roa) to claim her legacy. But she’ll have to fight for it against her grandfather (Rawiri Paratene). This is where the havoc begins. (And if you haven’t realised yet Whale Rider is a drama).

Our opinion on the movie Whale Rider is that you’re definitely going to need a box of tissues because Whale Rider really touches your heart. I recommend this movie for all ages, we think this movie is well done because the actors and actresses were AMAZING! and the setting was beautiful.  

We give this movie a 4/5 stars because of how great the acting and storyline was and because the setting was STUNNING!

By Micah and Harshit

Infinity War

With the new movie Infinity War that crashed into the cinemas this month, everybody was hyped! Iron man, Spider man, Star lord, Dr Strange, they’re all ready! This movie has an all star cast of superheros that we all know and love. In all MARVEL movies there is always an evil villain,and this time the villain is...THANOS !!!
Thanos is trying to steal all the infinity stones. The reality stone, the Time stone, the Mind stone, the Soul stone, the Power stone and the Tesseract stone. If Thanos gets his hands on these, who knows what he can do! That’s where the Avengers come in! This new AMAZING movie will get MARVEL fans running to cinemas!  
You better watch out Andrew Garfield because there's a new Spider man in town! Tom Holland. Again we see favourites Robert Downey Jr as the AWESOME Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor (who hits like a truck in the movie) and Josh Brolin comes in as Thanos! (the guy who has like a thousand chins…)  
Star rating: 5 and a half stars

By Jayshan and Eshaan
The Greatest Showman
Genre: Drama/Romance
From the inspiration of The Mighty Barnum, The Greatest Showman will fly you to high heights! This life-changing musical has warmed the hearts of many, is well worth seeing and will have you hooked on every word as you tentatively balance on the edge of your seats!

From the true stories of The Mighty Barnum, a man with a dream turns a wax museum to a weird and wonderful circus. The Greatest Showman has definitely stolen the spotlight from many others in it’s genre including those yet to be made.

Hugh Jackman stars as the role of P.T Barnum in this romantic drama. When P.T Barnum loses his job and becomes bankrupt, he is inspired by his lifelong dream to become a ringmaster... the real deal. He attempts to persuade the many ´freaks´ that make up the circus. With all your favourite stars, Zendaya acting as Anne The trapezist, Zac Efron as Phillip, Michelle Williams as Charity and Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind.
There’s really nothing we can say about the movie that isn’t positive, with amazing acting and outstanding costumes this movie is a not to be missed smash hit!

We would rate it 5/5 stars because we really liked the songs and the movie itself was awesome. Overall it was a great movie. We would recommend it to all people from the age 10+.

By Moon Hee and Kiki
Boss Baby
“Behold our enemies…. puppies!!!  I have to control everyone in this house until the mission is over!”  
This dreamworks animations movie is a sure hit! Yes we are talking about Boss Baby! a movie that incorporates a huge amount of cartoon drama and loads of humour.  Alec Baldwin has done an outstanding job of voicing the lead role of Boss Baby.  He created a fast paced atmosphere with his amazing voice as a secretive baby who is on a very important mission to find out which is the new puppy.
Boss baby has an older sibling, Tim Templeton, voiced by Tobey Maguire who is a creative and imaginative 7 year old boy.  Apparently Tim doesn't want Boss baby in his house or in his happy family.
Staci, the sidekick of Boss Baby, is a cute little animated girl with white diapers and 2 tiny ponytails. She wants to help Boss Baby complete his mission to find out who the new puppy is.  Staci is voiced by Viviann Yee .
This film is a must see but you will need painkillers with it because your going to laugh so much that your throat will hurt.  Boss Baby has an interlocking story of missions and hidden identities which you will enjoy. Our recommendation is that every kid or adult should watch this movie as there are some hilarious scenes that everyone can relate to.  If your day is going bad, things are about to change.
This movie deserves a 4.5 star rating because the humour is placed perfectly in all the scenes along with spectacular clear animated images.

By Moksha and Ameena

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

Prepare yourselves, the romance awaits!...   
This is a story of an ordinary girl who isn’t like other people in  her village. Belle loves to read, always carrying her books wherever she goes. She is a charming young women that  a greedy Gaston has always pined for. Belle hates Gaston and always trying to avoid him. One day, her father doesn’t return from the frosty forest.  Worried, Belle sets out to look for her father in severe weather conditions with more snow just around the corner. She finds herself in front of a dark and gloomy castle...   If you loved Cinderella then you will love this blissful and romantic story.
This movie was set in the clandestine heart of 19th century France. It was brought to life through animation in 1991 then perfected in 2017.  The beast is played by English actor Dan Stevens while Emma Watson who has starred in many famous movies like Harry Potter and Ballet shoes plays the main roleas as Belle. The creator of this exquisite movie is Bill Condon and produced by Linda Woolverton.
We recommend this movie not only because it is like the book we all know and love but because every fairytale has a moral behind it and in this film we learn to be brave and courageous no matter who you are or what situation you are in.  For this reason we give Beauty and the Beast a 5 star rating
This movie will drive you out of your seats  and keep you waiting with anticipation.
By Eliza and NayshaRelated image

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