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Post Camp info

Looking forward to going to camp Year 5's?? Well here's a bit of post camp
information by Moon Hee, Jaiveer and Kiki
       Experts Guide to Going to Camp
Hi my name is Jaiveer and today I am going to tell how to have a successful camp.

  1. Fill out all the forms you are given and return them as soon as possible. The longer it takes to bring your forms back, the less chance of you going to camp, because nearly all of the forms have to be sent to camp MERC.
  2. Get mom or dad to pay for camp. If they say no do some chores or try and convince them. If you don't pay you won’t be going to camp. There are 3 ways you will know if your parents have paid. 1: you will see them paying for camp or be with them while they’re paying.  2: they will let you know that they have paid and 3: you will get a receipt from school.

 3.  Get everything you need on the list. The list will tell you everything you need so make sure you have everything on the list especially warm clothes. Also, if you don’t bring a dessert bowl and spoon you can’t have dessert and cereal and you don’t want that.

4. Pack your things in your backpack and suitcase.  Make sure your bags are a suitable weight because you have to lift them up and down the stairs by yourself. Also, don’t take such a big suitcase but take something a little bigger than carry on bags.

5. Have fun enjoy your activities and just relax. Make sure you do all the activities! they are so much fun!
P.S In Stack’em, try and join the ‘13’ club, with Mr Tomokino.
Now, you guys should know some of Camp MERC’s staff nicknames.

Dean- Jeffery and penguin.   Ash- Ashburton.
Charlotte- Charcoal.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot this.
When the Lights turn off  Don’t Talk at Night!!!
If you do, you will be in massive trouble…
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Bodyboarding By Anchal
Putting on my wetsuit was quite tricky. The soggy, flimsy material rubbed against my body as I tugged on it as hard as I could. Eventually I slipped on my wetsuit and checked to see if the other girls were ready. It took quite a while to wait for each other because we all struggled. After we helped zip each others wetsuits, like a girl gang, we ran outside together and looked at the boys being so impatient with us. We all took a body board and meandered down to the rippling waves.

We came upon a river on the way to the beach. It had gotten bigger and deeper from all the rain we had. Placing one foot in, and then the other, I howled in my mind. The sharp shelly sand scratched my foot in pain. All the others got hurt too but as soon as we got out we were fine.

Once at the right place to go bodyboarding, everyone hoped in the waves and had fun. For some reason Ayden didn’t want to do it and just watched quietly on the shore. Zaara didn’t want to come in the deep end ( although the deep end was not even deep) because she didn’t want to get too wet but  if she didn’t want to I was okay with that. As the voluminous waves of water were really big it was so fun. The first couple of times I failed a bit though. The water wasn’t that cold wich was the best thing; maybe because I was wearing two wetsuits?? A couple of times Khushi, Jiya and I caught the biggest waves and zoomed to shore. Splash! It was so much fun as I rode the waves.

Eventually it was time to go back to camp so after everyone caught their last wave we raced back. We tumbled past the river with our sore feet and tried to take our wetsuits off. It was stuck on me like super glue and I thought I needed some help but I managed. As all my body heat was taken away from me, I dunked my wetsuit in to the bathtub to wash all the sand off and went to put the wetsuit back. I ran towards the dorms with my dry shivering body, grabbed my clothes and got changed. Wow! What an exciting day.

Guide to modelling at the most extraordinary / worse camp fashion show of the year:
Ever heard of a fashion show at camp? Well, you have now! Follow these simple steps to model at the most extraordinary / worse fashion show of the year!

Step 1: Have a ¨good¨ team
To start your journey towards your fashion career, pick a team that will not make you strut down the runway with expensive handbags, but instead force you down the runway in a frilly, lilac tutu and navy beach towels.

Step 2: Clothes
The clothes are the most important thing of all because that’s what you're modelling in the first place. People will have flashbacks to your fashion show and think about how you modeled all the amazing (hopefully) things you could find.

Step 3: The Model:
Pick someone that will strut down the catwalk like no one before. I recommend gangster behaviour, flossing and dabs, because apparently that’s ‘in trend’. Don’t pick someone that would just flick a strand of their hair and run away in embarrassment. ‘Real’ model’s wiggle their hip and throw their arms in the air excitedly!

Step 4: Makeup
Don’t hire Kandee Johnson to make you look like Angelina Jolie or Zac Efron, instead hire a 2 year old to scribble your face in felt tips, glitter pens and more than a hundred layers of lipstick! (Miranda Sings would approve.)

Step 5: Hair
Hair is everything. If you woke up late for your shoot and your hairstylist has no time for a ponytail, cover your hair in a clown wig! It would surely make a ‘good’ impression for the next generation of models.

Step 6: Catwalk/ poses
As mentioned in step 3: Don’t pick a model that would just flick a strand of their hair and run away in embarrassment.

Step 7: ( almost there! ) Embarrass yourself.
This step is very self explanatory.

Step 8: ( The last step!) Congrats!
Congrats for making it through this guide and hopefully, you’ve starting enrolling for modelling!

P.S: Remember, this guide is  to have the most extraordinary/worse camp fashion show of the year. Bear that in mind when reading again.
By Moon Hee

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