Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What Happens to Your Rubbish??

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

By Tvisha and Naysha

Nike, Ubereats, Adidas, MAX and Rembrandt just some of our modern day brands. Imagine your grandparents when they were young, biking to the nearest supermarket. Nowadays, our generation is too lazy to get up and buy their own ingredients, let alone cook their own meals. All they do, is tap on a few buttons and their meal is on it’s way.

Packaging, packaging, and more packaging is all they get. Every time they shop online they get more rubbish that they are unable to reuse. When you take a trip to the supermarket, you could help the environment by taking a reusable bag. Thankfully one of the supermarkets out there is planning on going plastic bag free in the near future.

Visualise yourself back in the 1900’s, asking your parents for some useful scraps of cardboard or wood, or going off to your grandmas and requesting leftover bits and pieces of fabric and material and letting your imagination run wild. So why do we not do that now? There is so much fun to be had and so much more we could be doing instead of adding to our already over polluted planet.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

How to be creative with rubbish By Siya & Moksha

Do you know what happens to all your rubbish ? Are you sure you can’t reuse it ? Well have I got a suggestion for you. Instead of throwing out all your rubbish, you can be creative with it. After all being wastewise is a good thing and everyone should help, so let's get our imagination hats on and reduce, reuse, recycle. Our class put our heads together and and decided to make a tipi out of things we would usually throw straight in the rubbish. As we are now experts, we’ll teach you guys how to make a tipi. From trash to tipi.


First of all, what do you need? hmmm... no you cannot just go grab all your rubbish.
  • Wood approximately 2 ½ metres long and not too thick (ours came from the rubbish skip )
  • Rope / string, duct tape 
  • Plastic bottles ( milk, fizzy, shampoo bottles etc)
  • Hoola hoops ( broken are fine) 
  • Old clothes or pieces of material.
  • Spare boxes( cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, coffee boxes etc )
  • Coffee cups
  • Bottle taps
  • Drill and screws, gun stapler
  •  Cans
  • Plastic bags (paper bags too) 
Steps :
  1. Braid your pieces of rope .
  2. Tape together your broken hula hoops ( If they are not broken, you can skip this step ).
  3. Gather all the materials.
  4. Using the pieces of wood, make the skeleton of the tipi (an upside down cone shape) 
  5.  Drill them together with screws and some rope and double check that they are sturdy.
  6.  Sew or knot your clothes / material together to make a blanket 
  7. Now pull that over the top of the tipi and make sure that it is covered evenly. A gun stapler can be used to help attach it (You want to leave some space for the entrance)
  8. Squash down all the milk bottles and cans .
  9. Get all of your plastic bags (or paper bags) and staple them together .
  10. Put plastic bottles on top of the paper/ plastic bags.
  11.  Attach  all your braids on all the bottom corners of your tipi which will make it nice and strong.   
Learn how to tie different knots before you start making the tipi. To decorate you can add fairy lights or glow in the dark sticker stars inside the tipi.
If you want to hide the staples or any other bits you can glue bottle tops on top of them.
For the perfect location you can probably keep it on top of a rug then add some pillows, blankets or toys (depends what you want to use it for).

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