Sunday, 1 July 2018

Food for thought...

 The NZ Anthem

On Saturday, 23rd June in Denver Colorado, the Kiwis played England in a rugby league test match. Singer Crystal Collins sang what you might call a shaky version of England’s anthem ‘God Save the Queen.’ Then came the hurricane. The NZ anthem. It was so bad as Crystal Collins had forgotten half the anthem and was totally out of tune.

On the news last night, there was a discussion about changing our national anthem. This is because people tend to think that other nations sing their anthems with so much emotion and feeling while here in NZ, we don't seem to pay much attention.

As citizens of NZ we don’t think we should change the anthem as it pays respect to all kiwis who have gone before us. For example, soldiers who fought and died for our country.  Just because we don’t cry or sing at the top of our lungs with our fists clenched over our chests, it doesn’t mean that we’re not proud or care about our nation. We’re kiwis, we’re proud and we stand behind our national anthem.

By Siya and the class

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  1. Well done - very persuasive. Could you have found examples of when the anthem was sung with passion? By the way...I agree with you. Using the soldiers as an example was a good detail and expanded your point.